Company Chen China Consulting


Dipl.-Ök. Xiaojing Chen
Background: Lives and works in Germany since 1988, born and raised and working in Beijing in the PRC
Education: B.A. Economics - ERP at the prestigious Chinese People's University, Beijing; CDG-leaving certificate of the tech. dt economic and commercial training of young graduates and young professionals for the PRC, Cologne; postgraduate studies in Swiss economy. at the Free University Berlin; NLP training (Neuro Linguistic Programming); license MBTI (Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator)
Work experience: Chinese official in Beijing, State Department of Commerce, Bahlsen KG, Hannover, Berlin, Siemens, Orient Overseas Container Line (Germany), Bremen; EU project "Inter-cult. Management, PR China, "seminar trainer" China - meeting and hearing "; business meetings - CCI and" verlag moderne industrie "on" China Business "; coaching for top international managers, the management tasks in Asia (China) assume, conception and implementation for senior managers and delegations from China, Germany, China correspondent for the weekly newspaper PRODUCTION, magazine and AUTOMOTIVE MANUFACTURING PRODUCTION publisher, modern industry; evosoft eBusiness GmbH Consultant eBusiness strategy and Business Development Asia (China) Consulting in the field of concepts for start-ups, marketing, PR work, crisis management, M & A assistance

team Germany

Dr. Peter Deng
Adviser for Technology
BA automotive engineering, electrical engineering, Dr., researcher at the Department of Software Engineering at the Institute of mathematics and computer science at the TU Munich, working on various projects


team China

Julia Zhu, Beijing
Import and export, market research / sales

Mr. Han Zemin, Hangzhou
Delegation, as well as studies conference

Lisa Zhang, Shanghai
Management consultancy

Linda Liang, Guangzhou
Translation and interpreting service

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Vortrag beim vbw workshop "Stärkung des transatlantischen Dialoges" am 18.05.2010.


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