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-  Intercultural training: Implementing seminars and conferences which will help you to learn the way of thinking & acting as well as the methods & styles of management, marketing and sales in a different culture

- Delegations: Visiting companies, institutions and fairs in the other country in order to get business connections and to support the Public Relationships

- Fair Service: Fair arrangements, PR Support, invitation of potential customers and organization of seminars

Intercultural communication is learnable



The Bridge to China

China is the market of the future. Do you want to partake in it? We show you the secrets of Chinese communication and deal. With an error you can make the deal broken. We prepare you and your team to China.

Manager Training:

Learning to sell the intercultural thinking and action, both your product and service properly and your daughter-companies in China can lead to.



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[Translate to English:] "A cross cultural perspective - Cultural Awareness for Business & Leadership"

Vortrag beim vbw workshop "Stärkung des transatlantischen Dialoges" am 18.05.2010.


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[Translate to English:] Die Inhaberin der Chen China Consulting setzt sich mit ihrem Team für Ihren Erfolg ein.


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[Translate to English:] Bei den folgenden Zeitschriften erscheinen regelmäßig Artikel von Frau Xiaojing Chen: